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TOOLSET (free)

ACES In-Camera LUTs (provided by Geoff Boyle)

ACES IDT DCTL Calculator (provided by Tommy Zenth)
• Autodesk LUSTRE Film Print Emulation LUTs (provided by Juan Melara)

• Blanking Generator OFX (provided by Mononodes)

• Blu-Ray (Movie Reference Stills)

Coolors (Color Palette Generator)

Cone Coordinates "Steve Yedlin like" Colorspace DCTLs (provided by Matthias Stoopman)

DCTLs - Huge Repository (provided by Paul Dore)

DeMystify Color DCTLs (provided by Nico Wieseneder)

Evanerichards (Movie Reference Stills)

Film-Grab (Movie Reference Stills)

Frame Details (Movie Stills Analysis by Ben Packer)

Juan Pablo Zambrano's DCTL Repository (by Juan Pablo Zambrano)

Kaur Hendrikson's DCTLs (some are free, some paid; by Kaur Hendrikson)

Kodak Ektachrome Library (20K+ Stills References Of Ektachrome Film)

Kodak 2383 Like Power Grade (provided by Juan Melara)

Kodak 2383 LUT for ACES & RCM2.0 (provided by Cullen Kelly)

LUT Stress Test Image (provided by TrueColor)

MaxSat PowerGrade & DCTLs (provided by Miguel Santana, Hendrik Proosa & Pekka Riikonen)
Moviestillsdb (Movie Reference Stills)

OFX Plugins - A lot of free Plugins (provided by Paul Dore

OpenDRT (Display Rendering Transform DCTL provided by Jed Smith)

Photochemical Film Look Power Grade (provided by Mononodes)

Thatcher Freeman's DCTL Repository (provided by Thatcher Freeman)

Screenmusings (Movie Reference Stills)

Shotdeck (Movie Reference Stills; provided by Lawrence Sher)

Stills From Beautiful Film (Movie Reference Stills)

Sony Venice Technicolor Look Collection (FilmPrintEmulation LUTs by Technicolor for Sony SLog3/Sgamut3.cine)

Sony Venice2 PictureShop LUT Pack (Custom LUTs by PictureShop for Sony SLog3/Sgamut3.cine)

XtremeStuff DCTLs (Various free (technical) DCTLs)

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