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The Colorist Beginner Guide - Get Certified By Blackmagic

In the Colorist Beginner Guide class you'll learn all the basics to get started as a Colorist.

As I'm a certified Blackmagic Design Trainer (Training Partner) you'll also have the chance to do an exam after going through all the lessons. If you pass the exam you get a certificate directly from Blackmagic Design that states that you're officially certified for the Color page. Hence this course follows the recommended curriculum by Blackmagic Design so you're all set up to easily pass the exam. Plus I'm going beyond the recommended topics to equip you with knowledge I learned over the years being a professional Colorist!

This class it specifically designed for beginners to get you started in the Color page.

No prior grading knowledge required. 

Topics included in this course:

  • Opening & Setting Up A Project

  • Understanding Grading Workflows

  • Setting Tonal Range & Contrast

  • Balancing Footage & Comparing Primary To Log Wheels

  • Learn To Use & Understand The Scopes

  • Shot Matching Strategies

  • Directing The Viewers Eye

  • Tracking Objects

  • Secondary Corrections

  • Conforming (XML roundtrips)

  • Node Tree Best Practices

  • Managing And Copying Grades Across Timelines

  • Optimizing Your Workflow By Using Groups

  • In Depth: Keyframes & Noise Reduction

  • Using RAW Media The Correct Way

  • Delivering Projects & Advanced Render Settings

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