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(please report any bugs or similar to:

• Why is your Homepage in "BETA"?

– We wanted to release a v0.1 as soon as possible. May some functions don't work as they should and the design isn't final on many pages. Also we'll add a ton more features and into our shop in the future. Stay tuned! We try to improve and develop constantly. See our version log here.

• How often do you release new Articles, Tutorials, etc.?
– We do not have a regular schedule but we're trying to release new stuff as often and regularly as possible.

• How are you planning on expending the offer?

– We'll have projects like a TVC for you to download, grade and get feedback like it would be a real job; lots of free footage for you to download and play around, analog shots for grading, more courses, and much more. 

• What are Power Grades? Why should I use them? 

- A great and organized PowerGrade library will save you a ton of time and can be seen as super flexible and adjustable presets. Contrary to LUTs, PowerGrades won’t clip unless the footage is clipped or you misuse the parameters and all PowerGrades are fully adjustable.

• How do I install and use the Power Grades of your Shop? 

– Please have a look at this instruction film:

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