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Color Science For Colorists Masterclass

The "Color Science For Colorists" masterclass is held by Color Scientist & Colorist Matthias Stoopman from Rotterdam. He'll cover topics like:


  • Color Science Is Not As Frightening As It Seems

  • Understanding Color Spaces In A RGB Grading Environment

  • Why Color Scientists (& Colorists) Use Different Color Spaces

  • What Software To Use To Code Your Own Tools And Transforms

  • Basic Understanding Of Coding And Math

  • DCTL coding

  • Film Emulation/Transform Methodologies

  • How To Use Light Illusion's Matchlight To Build  Your Own Transforms & Film Emulation LUTs

He'll also give you insights into the infamous Cone Coordinates (Cone Satch) by Steve Yedlin and how he managed to rebuild a pretty similar model of it. 

Get to know the work of your instructor:

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