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Color And Mastering for Digital Cinema
by Glenn Kennel

• Color Correction Handbook by Alexis Van Hurkman

• Color Correction Look Book by Alexis Van Hurkman

• Digital Video And HD: Algorithms & Interfaces by Charles Poynton

• If it's purple, someone's gonna die by Patti Bellantoni

• The Art & Technique of Digital Color Correction by Steve Hullfish


Color Consciousness (direct link to free PDF) by Natalie Kalmus

Color Design Workbook by Sean Adams & Terry Lee Stone

Color Mania by Lars Müller

Color Problems by Emily Noyes Vanderpoel

PHOTOBOOKS & LINKS (for Look Inspirations):

American Squares by Leah Frances

The Democratic Forest by William Eggleston

Joe Greer Website

Good Morning, America by Mark Power

Modern Color by Fred Herzog

West Land by Simon Nicoloso

ZZYZX by Gregory Halpern

•  Joel Sternfeld Website