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You won't get all the charts right away! Some are online already though.

But once they are done you'll get at least -5EV to +5EV in 1 stop exposure brackets of following stocks:

  • Kodak® Vision3 50D (5203), 250D (5207), 200T (5213) & 500T (5219);
    Normal, Pushed (+1 & +2), Pulled (-1), bleach bypass & flashed, all developed in ECN-2
  • Kodak® Ektachrome 100D (5294); Cross Processed in ECN-2 & standard E6 development
  • Kodak® Double-X (5222); developed in D96

    And all of these in standard ECN-2 process:
  • Fuji® Eterna 500T (8563)
  • Fuji® Eterna 250D (8546)
  • Fuji® Reala 500D (8692)
  • Kodak® Vision1 800T (5289)
  • Kodak® Vision1 320T (5277)
  • Kodak® Vision1 200T (5274)
  • Kodak®Vision2 250D (5205)
  • Fuji® F-125T (8532)
  • Fuji® Eterna 250T (8553)
  • Kodak® Aerocolor IV (2460) shot & developed in 3 different methods


All of them will be scanned on a Fuji Frontier SP3000 (maybe because of technical reasons it's not possible to scan the bleach bypassed footage on the Frontier, but I'll try my best to make it happen!) & Blackmagic Design Cintel G3 HDR+ scanner!

Some charts will be available as Linear Negative from the Fuji Frontier to do your own inversion or that you're able to do a scanner profile. 

Charts in the frame are:

  • X-Rite® Colorchecker Digital SG
  • X-Rite® Colorchecker Classic
  • Kodak® Grey Card
  • Kodak® Grey Scale
  • Kodak® Color Seperation Guide

More details are coming soon✌🏻

This digital product may not be redistributed, copied, or sold in any way. Refunds are not accepted.

Motion Picture Color Charts – Mega Pack

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