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This packs contains looks that I created inspired by film stocks and movie color schemes for an ACEScct workflow. This means all these LUTs need an ACEScct input and they will also return (output) ACEScct. So all of them are working scene referred and can be mixed and combined however you want to. Furthermore you can easily dial in the strenght of the look via the key output or the DCTL I included with this purchase (more info on this one below). And on top of that, I also supplied different tonemap strenghts (full, half, quarter) of the Kodak® inspired LUT while maintaining the same gamut mapping.


  • Look 01: Kodak® Vision3 5219 (500T) Expired 16mm Negative
    This is a non empirical film emulation. I built this look based on footage that was shot with an expired500T negative film on 16mm. This is no negative emulation! The look is based on a final scanned and graded image. The thing I love the most about this look is that it gives very lovely pastel-mint highlights and great looking foliage.  


  • Look 02: Fuji® Film Negative (8547, Vivid500T) & Print (F-CP 3510) inspired
    This look came together by film data I had available of a Fuji 3510 print and the expired Fuji Eterna Vivid500T negative stock scanned with an ARRISCANNER you can download for free on my website too (within the Film Profile Journey). I just moved the data into the ACEScct/AP01 working space and averaged this two emulations together. I didn't rescale any existing LUTs, but create the profile from scratch within ACEScct. Keep in mind while that look is based on actual film data, I also incorparated my own taste and tweaked everything to my liking. So don't expect any heavy or crunchy look or something that will look shot on film or similar. This also won't look like anything like the 3510 FPE shipping Resolve for example. That being said - it's still a wonderful look to use. Hence I'm sharing it! 


  • Look 03: Cyan/Red DeSat 
    This is a look purely created on my taste without any film profile/emulation or similar included. That being said, I probably ended up with a contrast curve similar to some Kodak2383 emulations, as I just like this kinda look on my tone curve and use it a lot in my work. I was inspired by the film "A Star Is Born" which has some sort of Cyan/Red color scheme I really like. Of course I didn't try to rebuild anything from the film. I tried to come up with my own style of a Cyan/Red look.
  • A DCTL For Mixing And Combining The Looks Way Better

    With the help of this DCTL you will be able to apply and mix all the included looks more easily. The great thing about this one is that you have 3 sliders available. One for the intensity of the first look, a second one for the intensity of the second look and a third one for the strength of mixing the two looks together. I’d suggest to just play around with these three sliders to get used to them and than just dial in the strength of every slider to taste. With the help of this “mix” DCTL there is a huge amount of possible looks available that can be created. Please be aware that you'll need the "Studio" version of DaVinci Resolve to use DCTLs. If you do not own the "Studio" version, you can still use all the LUTs and mix them together with the help of a "Layer Mixer" and the "Key Output Strength". 

Watch these looks in action (and some info on how to install them and ACES basics) in this accompanying tutorial:

You'd just need to create an account for free (with no additional charges) to read & watch this tutorial! 

Last but not least:
All of the looks are built so that 18% mid-grey doesn't get affected by the tonemap. That means in terms of brightness it stays where it is. With some of the looks it may get a bit warmer or cooler though. Everything has been crafted with the Color Science knowledge I gained over the years. Some of the looks were made with math that is not reproduceable and accessible within Resolve, hence all the looks are supplied as 3D LUTs. Also I tried to make the looks and all the accompanying workflow as easy to use as possible! 

This digital product may not be redistributed, copied, or sold in any way. Refunds are not accepted.

ACEScct (Synthetic) Film Look LUTs & DCTL

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