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This Power Grade uses the built-in Film Grain OFX, but is based on a custom node tree setup which responds to the Red, Green and Blue channel of your footage accordingly & individually. This will give you a much more organic grain structure and a much closer look and feel of how grain would look on an actual scanned film stock. It is not power hungry and easy to use in real-time. Furthermore as it is made with the help of the Film Grain OFX, you do not need any third party software or to install anything beside importing this Power Grade to your folder. 


As references I used several different 35mm film scans I had available. Most of them where treated with the built in Film Print Emulation LUTs from Resolve. That means I used normalized reference images for this grain model. 


There's a detailed PDF coming with this Power Grade with a bit more in-depth knowledge on how I built it & how to use it.


Please see the "FAQ" section on the lower left side on the homepage on how to install and a demo of using the PowerGrades (or here:


If you want to learn more about film profiling and all its aesthetics check out:



This digital product may not be redistributed, copied, or sold in any way. Refunds are not accepted. 

35mm Grain Emulation For R, G & B Channel (based on the Resolve OFX)

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