This is a Film Print Curve which you should use after the Rec.709 LUT. I've got some 35mm footage from the lab with corrections they already made (not in LOG) and I do not know on which stock the footage was shot on. But I got some digitally shot footage from an Alexa in Arri Log-C to match to the 35mm footage. So this is how I ended up with this curve. I really like grading underneath that curve and use it a lot. Of course it will work with other footage too (not only from Arri), but it won't be as accurate as the original one then. And as it is a Power Grade you can easily tweak and alter things to your preferences and liking. Furthermore you're able to use the Color Space Transform to transfer your footage to Arri Log-C (and using the Arri Rec.709 LUT) too if you prefer this method. 

Furthermore I included versions with Filmconvert Nitrate Grain and the Grain OFX too. So it gives you even more realistic "35mm flair". 

You're going to see an example of my Node Tree in the sample images above. 


All the example shots are graded just with a manufacturer Rec.709 LUT (the ones coming within Resolve), two nodes where I used offset, saturation & contrast and some lift/gamma/gain primaries. No secondaries, no power windows, no keys, no parallel nodes, or similar.

Rec.709 To 35mm Film Print Curve PowerGrade