This is a kind of negative emulation of a Kodak 200T (5213) stock. It was made with an old testshot I found on my harddrive. The digital shot I matched to was ProRes4444 with an Arri Alexa XT in Log-C.  So this emulation will work best with Log-C footage, but it will work on any camera/log material of course. Ideally you'll use the Color Space Transform OFX in front of the emulation and transform your source material to Arri Log-C to get the most accurate results. 

ATTENTION: This is not a technical correct negative emulation, because there was just too less information for a scientific & technical correct emulation. BUT it will get you to a certain ballpark that's more "filmic" and it will give you a better starting point when you're working with Film Print Emulation LUTs (less contrast, more saturation, better color separation). 

Please find the node tree how I use it in the examples photos above. Basically I use it before anything else in my node tree, because I want to emulate that the footage was shot this way. 

All the example shots are graded just with the negative emulation, a Kodak 2383 D55 Output LUT (the one coming within Resolve), two nodes where I used offset, saturation & contrast & some lift/gamma/gain primaries and some grain with the Grain OFX. No secondaries, no power windows, no keys, no parallel nodes, or similar.


Also keep in mind that this is a (T)ungsten stock. If you use it on daylight shots you'll maybe need to offset a bit to the warm side (like you would with a 85B filter when filming with this stock in daylight). I included a version with a "daylight offset node" and starting point too. Just tweak this one for your specific scene. 

Kodak 200T/5213 Negative Emulation (kind-of)