I built this negative (LOG To LOG) emulation with an old stock (Fuji Eterna Vivid500T (8547)) which has been discontinued since 2013. Because of that this emulation is experimental and will technically not represent the stock how it may looked back then as it's expired for quite some time now.

Nevertheless it really produces some nice looking results. The digital camera it was profiles against is a RED Helium 8K in REDWideGamutRGB/LOG3G10 with 3200K. Obviously this emulation will work best if you're shooting with this setup and settings. But I included four node setups of the PowerGrade so it will work with any cam set to 5600K or 3200K pretty good. 


  • REDWideGamutRGB/LOG3G10 3200K - To - Fuji Vivid 500T
  • REDWideGamutRGB/LOG3G10 5600K - To - Fuji Vivid 500T
  • Any camera/LOG combination 3200K - To - Fuji Vivid 500T
  • Any camera/LOG combination 5600K - To - Fuji Vivid 500T
  • UPDATE - BONUS version now included! More info on how I crafted this one comes with the manual that's included in the download!


*Info about the BONUS version: I crafted this one from a different exposure stop and also approached the profiling a bit differently. This gives a completely different workflow and look compared to the other 4 PowerGrades included. There's a CST up front where you can input the camera of your choice and it will get converted to an ARRI Log-C gamma curve & ARRI Wide Gamut colorspace. My profile was done with an RED LOG3G10/RWGRGB input, but you'll get similar results with different cameras. More detailed info about the process crafting this PowerGrade and the node structure is in the ReadMe!*


This negative emulation works best in combination of a FPE (Film Print Emulation) at the end of your node tree. Also you won't need any 3rd party plugins or LUTs with this purchase. Everything works natively in DaVinci Resolve. 


All the sample images you're seeing here are just processes with this Negative Emulation, a Film Print Emulation LUT (the ones within Resolve) and some Balancing (Printer Lights) + Saturation and Contrast/Pivot adjustments. No secondaries, masks, keys or similar. 


More detailed information how to use this power grade is coming with the purchase. 

Fuji Vivid500T Negative Emulation (Motion Picture Stock)