In this power grade pack you'll find lots of different tools which you can mix, match and combine to get your digitally shot footage closer into a "film like" ballpark. Please see the "FAQ" section on the lower left side on the homepage on how to install and a demo of using the PowerGrades (or here:
Included PowerGrades:
-) Halation CST

-) Halation Egde Detection

-) Highlight Blur (Digital ProMist)
-) Gate Weave

-) Hue VS Hue (Kodak 2383 Like)

-) Hue VS Sat (Kodak 2383 Like)

-) Custom Film Print Curve Mild

-) Custom Film Print Curve Medium

-) Custom Film Print Curve Strong

-) Kodak 2383 Like Film Print Curve

-) D55 White Point Curve (Kodak 2383 Like)

-) 35mm Grain OFX Preset

-) 35mm Grain Filmconvert Nitrate Preset

-) HSL Node Setup

*Please note, that these PowerGrades are not technically correct representations of a Kodak2383 film print. They can't be such because even every Kodak2383 print but from different vendors and different times is not the same. Anyhow they will get you in a pretty close ballpark. Same is true for the 35mm grain presets. These PowerGrades are subjective made corrections where I compared digitally shot footage (mostly from Arri and RED) to footage shot on film and developed with a FPE.*

Film Aesthetics PowerGrade Pack