In this power grade pack you'll find lots of Color Space Transforms (via the CST OFX) presets. These are the ones I find useful for my everyday jobs. Please see the "FAQ" section on the lower left side on the homepage on how to install and a demo of using the PowerGrades (or here:

Included PowerGrades:
-) Arri Log-C to Rec.709

-) RWGRGB/LOG3G10 to Arri Log-C

-) RWGRGB/LOG3G10 to Rec.709

-) Sony S-Log2 to Arri Log-C

-) Sony S-Log3 to Arri Log-C

-) Canon C-Log2 to Arri Log-C

-) Canon C-Log3 to Arri Log-C

-) BMD 4.6k to Arri Log-C

-) BMD Pocket 6k to Arri Log-C

-) BMD Pocket 4k to Arri Log-C

-) Linear to Arri Log-C

-) Arri Log-C toCineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Sony S-Log2 to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Sony S-Log3 to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Canon C-Log2 to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Canon C-Log3 to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) BMD 4,6k to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) BMD Pocket 6k to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) BMD Pocket 4k to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Linear to CineonLog (FPE-Input)

-) Sony S-Log2 to Rec.709

-) Sony S-Log3 to Rec.709

-) Canon C-Log2 to Rec.709

-) Canon C-Log3 to Rec.709

-) BMD 4.6k to Arri Rec.709

-) BMD Pocket 6k to Arri Rec.709

-) BMD Pocket 4k to Arri Rec.709





Common CST's PowerGrade Pack